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Internships, Part 3: The Intern

The third and final part of this series looks at internships from the perspective of a student intern.

Internships, Part 2: The College Supervisor

Part two of this three-part series looks at internships from the perspective of a college supervisor.

Internships, Part 1: The Host Site

What makes for great internships? Part one of this series offers insights from a host site, the Massillon Museum

Heat, Humidity and Collections Care

If summer weather has you thinking about the health of your collections, look to these free preservation resources

Region 10 Welcomes a New Representative

Jim Geyer of the Pioneer & Historical Society of Muskingum County joins the team of Alliance representatives

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Since its founding in 1960, the Ohio Local History Alliance has worked closely with the Ohio Historical Society (OHS). Both organizations share a common goal to encourage the preservation and the presentation of Ohio's heritage. Although separate organizations, they are joined by this common purpose and by the belief that through collaboration the two groups can be effective in meeting their goals. The staff of the OHS Local History Office administers and coordinates all Alliance programs. The Alliance, through its twenty-three person board of trustees, provides direction and oversight for those programs. The Alliance's board also serves as the nucleus of a network of organizations and individuals interested in all aspects of community history in Ohio. ...Read more

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Internships, Part 3: The Intern

By Kate Smith We have spent the last two weeks focusing on internships from the perspectives of the host site and the college supervisor. Now, we’ll examine internships through the eyes of the student intern. What makes an internship appeal to them? What do student interns hope …

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AASLH Annual Meeting

The American Association of State and Local History (AASLH)’s annual meeting will be held September 17-20 in St. Paul, Minnesota. This year’s theme is Greater Than the Sum of Our Parts. It is the perfect opportunity to learn from other museums, ...

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